Welcome to Ring Craft Equestrian

COVID 19 is on everyone's mind at the moment and we would like to let everybody know we are still operating here at Ring Craft Equestrian.
Some of our accessories are out of stock and will not be available again until after our lockdown here in the UK is over. We are pushing to make sure we still get your orders sent pronto. We are
NOT offering a Royal Mail delivery service due to being unable to get into our Post Office but we are using several other courier services which are still operating, such as Hermes or DHL etc. Delivery within the currier services maybe interrupted and have delays of their own, but be confident your order will still get to you.

We hope everyone is safe and well during these strange times!

Ring Craft Equestrian is the new brand to have hit the market in 2016. We have three new products to get you set for the show ring and after launching at Horse of the Year Show in 2016, we have nothing but excellent feedback.

Our three new products took us a year to formulate; trialed, trialed and trialed again until top results were found. It is so important to have the right look for the show ring and we pride ourselves on helping you get there. Our range has started very small, but quality not quantity is essential. Our products are British made and we would not deviate from this. It is important that each new product we introduce into the Ring Craft range is formulated to perfection, like our other existing products. We are here to offer a 5* service to our customers, which can only be achieved by providing 5* products. We are looking to expand our range of in the near future and any queries or suggestions as to what you are looking for in your show basket is taken on board. Our main aim is to help you, our customer, achieve nothing less than perfect.

"The ring ready look is not just a quick flick with the brush, its so much more than that. The coat needs to have that cleanliness and glow, the mane and tail need to have that finished shine, and those beautiful and curvaceous points on the head and body need to be eye catching. Its all about standing out from the second you and your horse enter the ring.".

Each of our UK made products have been tested to human cosmetic standards, the most inflexible regulations which products such as ours can be measured. Thus ensuring the products we are creating are the highest quality. Two of the products in this new range, Pomade oil and Finishing Touch-Make Up, contain ingredients which we are yet to see in any existing products on the market. This sets Ring Craft aside from the similar products you may be using. For more information on this, visit our products page...


Our new Pomade Oil is not an improved formula of an existing product, this is a BRAND NEW product on the showing market. To see and read more on this, click the Pomade Oil image bellow or visit our products page above.

Sno-white whitening shampoo

'Sno-white whitening shampoo' is specifically formulated to attack the toughest of stains that other formulas leave behind. It is safe to use on all coat colours, but is targeted at those white areas in particular. This has also proven to shine up all colours of coats.

Pomade Oil

‘Pomade oil’ is specifically formulated to add shine and stability to the mane and tail, keeping both controlled and ring ready. With NEW special ingredients no other show product contains! Click 'Read More' to find out...

Finishing Touch – Make Up

'Finishing touch - Make up' has been formulated to be applied to the black points of your show pony/horse to emphasise the shape and quality of the face. With NEW special ingredients.