Customer Testimonials

Paula Seedhouse
"I am about to become your number one customer.... your shampoo is fabulous. Gets our dirt attracting terrier white as a cloud in no time!"
SEE... Not just for horses!
Katy Seedhouse
Sno-White Whitening Shampoo
"It's the only one we will ever use again! Addicted!!"
We love these comments !
Steph Peto
"Your Shampoo is a life saver!"
It's always nice when the professionals in the showing world are appreciative of a good quality product.
Jessica Anderson
"Best Shampoo I have used. I will definitely be buying more".
This was a testimonial we received from Jessica after her show with her Cattle. Our shampoo can be used on various animals and coat colours. Jess and her young Bull can be seen in our gallery.
Irene Gawith
"Love the shampoo, Zeus had his socks washed in it yesterday and took Champion, they were SPARKLING WHITE!"
What a FANTASTIC result for both Irene and Zeus!
Gillian Sebright
"I use this on my horses and am impressed by results. Also promote it in the showing clinics I have run this year and getting very positive feedback. Well done to get a new QUALITY product out into a very good competitive market place".
Thank you Gillian for such kind words, and thank you for the support you have been giving us a new name this year! It is fantastic we have customer out there that reap the benefits of our products and that you are spreading the word!
Jenny Elliot
"These products; the Pomade Oil and Whitening shampoo are the best out there!!".
Jenny seems very excited to see us at HOYS (2017). We look forward to seeing you too Jenny!
Carolle Lee Jones
"Fabulous stuff, wouldn't use anything else!"
Debbie Boylan
"Love the Finishing Touch - Make Up, highlights without being greasy and doesn't pick up dust like other products".
Debbie's beautiful Mare can be seen in our gallery wearing her Finishing Touch - Make Up.
5* Facebook Review
Ruth Pearson
"Purchased this at Dublin Show and I'm ABSOLUTELY AMAZED!"
After Ruth telling us all about her pesky pony being a menace to keep clean we are so glad we have been able to help her. Her before and after pics can be found in our gallery!
Natalie O'Keeffe
"Huge difference in my horses tail from your Pomade Oil - worth the investment!"
Natalie sent us a picture of a before and after picture of her horses tail and what a huge improvement the Pomade oil has made. Thank you Natalie, and we are so glad we can help!
Philly Mackie
"Fantastic Products! Saw at NPS Champs."
Elaine Hughes
"I have had coloured horses for over 20 years so I have tried and tested most if not all whitening shampoos and what a fabulous product Ring Craft Equestrian Sno-White Shampoo is. It not only whitens but I also found that my traditional's feathers and mane and tail were very well conditioned and silky. Ready to place my next order."

5* Facebook Review
Jayne Mitchell
5* Facebook Review
Thank you Jayne for our 5*'s We are very grateful!
John Turner
5* Facebook Review
A lovely 5* review on Facebook from John. Thank you John.
Sue Parton
5* Facebook Review
A great big thank you to Sue Parton for being such a lovely customer and fantastic 5* review.
Laura and Joshua Naylor
"Super fast postage, brilliant results from the Sno-White shampoo looking forward to trying the other products".
HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Laura and Joshua Naylor. They were our very first customer here at Ring Craft Equestrian. They have both been huge supports since we launched the new equestrian name at HOYS 2016 and they have given us our first customer review on Facebook, post on Instagram, testimonial AND before and after picture! Cannot thank you both enough!
Annabelle Brittle
5* Facebook Review
We would like to say a huge thank you to Annabelle Brittle for being the first to review our Facebook Page and rating us so highly!